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Making your marketing engagements truely social

We understand how businesses can utilise social media for marketing, communication, customer loyalty and engagement. Whether you require a full social media strategy, a strategy for a specific social platform, set up of your social profiles or help generating ongoing content -we’ll set you on the right path.

Social Media
Social Media

Social Media Services

Elevating your social media presence with flexible and purposeful content packages.


Not all social media strategies are created equal, and in 2023 a ‘lights on’ approach simply isn’t going to cut it. Attention spans are shorter, options for consumable content are endless, and consumers’ tolerance for mediocre content has never been lower! It isn’t all doom and gloom…


  • 54% of internet users turn to social media to research products they are interested in (GlobalWebIndex)
  • 33% of internet users would rather reach out to a brand via social media than call on the phone (OptinMonster)
  • 64% of users make a purchase after watching a video on social media (Biteable)


You simply cannot afford to not to put the time or effort into social media anymore… but if Reels and TikToks make your palms sweaty, and content capture is a hard pass – then it might be best to deligate that out to the experts (that’s us).


We do the carousels, the Canva templates, the community management – whatever you need!


Why invest in organic social? Can’t I just do ads?

Well… you could – but consumers are demanding more from brands. They want to support brands they feel they know. And organic social is how you reach them with those behind-the-scenes stories and show the real human side of who you are.

A consistent, responsive social profile is reassuring to customers and builds high levels of trust. Sure, you could convert them once off an ad, but if you want them for the long haul – you need to make them feel a part of your community.

Good organic social also does wonders for your SEO, especially via Meta, Twitter and YouTube. We can help you decipher where your brand fits best online. It’s the old adage—quality over quantity. Finding your niche is important, and that is solidified by where you are posting.


Want high-value out-of-this-world content without the burden of curating and creating? Cue Empire9’s Social Media Packages:

Retainer, flexi-style banks of time that, in essence, give you a social media manager, content creator and copywriter on tap!

These are the kinds of tasks you can request within your social media package.

  • Social posts across all formats
  • Content Capture with our in-house photographer or content creator (latest iPhone)
  • Short-form video capture and editing
  • Community Management & social customer service
  • Blog writing
  • LinkedIn ghost-writing for your senior leaders
  • Paid ad copywriting
  • Brand-to-brand social conversation insertion
  • Boosting posts
  • Web copy renovation
  • TikTok advisory

We look after all the usual suspects: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter (ahem X)… Pinterest, Threads, hey if you’re on Tumblr we are right there with you. That’s what happens when you put a bunch of chronically online people in an office together.


Got questions about our social media packages? Contact the team today.



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