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Email & Database

Email marketing is a direct line of communication between you and your target market.

It's the perfect way to increase customer retention, trust and credibility – as well as to promote your business. We can help you with everything from setting up your email platforms, to growing and segmenting a database, to creating you an EDM strategy.

Email & Database
Email & Database

The email channel generates a particularly high quality customer as the user intent associated with email is extremely high. This means a direct channel to potential customers, where communications can be highly targeted and personalised. Database and email marketing provide a channel to connect with potential and past customers in a personal and engaging way. The content of email marketing should provide interest, relevance and a sense of exclusivity to the customer. It should also offer a call to action whether it be to visit a website, make an enquiry, or refer to a friend.

We can help you to develop cutting edge email campaigns that resonate with your customers and drive results. Our email marketing services are completely flexible so you can use us for as much or as little as you like.  The digital world is fast paced and constantly evolving. Even relatively established marketing channels like email marketing are changing to keep up with the latest trends and media consumption patterns.

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Email and Database