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Business is changing at light speed.

Now’s the time for digital marketing!

We Love Digital.
It’s exciting,
and effective

Marketers with a love for digital

We value integrity, transparency, creativity and people (team and clients) above all. We’re passionate about the digital space and love the challenge of bringing brands alive on a variety of screen sizes. We have an experienced team of digital marketers and great creative & technical partners in Publica. We’ve worked both client side and for agencies. And despite all our youthful good looks we’ve been in the industry an impressive number of years! (We were seriously early adopters!).

Our aim is simple. We want to help you do something better than you would have done without us. We want to be part of your team and help to grow your business.

Which means you should be prepared to sit around a table with us, roll your sleeves up, brief us, and brainstorm over a cup of tea (and maybe a cheese scone). In return we’ll take your business seriously, we’ll be honest with you and we’ll work hard to ensure you get great service and results.


About Empire9

We know how fast digital changes. We’ve been working in digital for as long as you’ve been able to upload cat videos to YouTube. We’re experts in Digital Marketing.

Our services range from digital strategy and campaign planning through to campaign execution and reporting. We have years of experience in Google Ads, Analytics, Social Media and SEO.

We want to partner with the right businesses and be part of the team. If we team up we’ll be your biggest advocates and we’ll work tirelessly to deliver results for you.

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