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Search Marketing

Heard of SEM and wanting to give it a go?

Or looking for someone to take over your existing search campaigns? Whatever stage you’re at, we can help create a paid search strategy that meets your specific goals. Most commonly using Google and Bing for your campaigns, our focus is always on the metrics that matter – conversion and cost-per-conversion.

Search Marketing
Search Marketing

Why Invest In Search Ads?

Search Ads campaigns are the perfect way to kick start your digital marketing activities.

They are cost effective and offer measurability that is second to none. What’s more, Search Ads are intent driven so your message appears at the exact moment a person searches for a product or service like yours.

How We Can Help

First we work with you to determine which measurements need to be put in place as a success metric. Our philosophy is if it’s worth doing, it’s worth measuring. So not matter what campaign we work with on we want understand what success looks like for you.

Our typical search ads process includes:

  • Campaign planning
  • Set up of / or transfer of your Google Ads account
  • Creation of your advertising text
  • Set up of conversion tracking
  • Ongoing monthly management – we look for constant improvements
  • And monthly reporting.


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