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Ad Serving

Third party ad serving

Third party ad serving is the technology that pushes ads out to websites and allows advertisers to track the performance of these ads. Instead of the ads being hosted by the publisher, ads are hosted by a third party from their server. This allows you to track the campaign from the impression served, to click to conversion on your site. Each time the advertisement is called from the ad server, the ad server records that an impression was served. Each time an impression is served; the users who see the impression is issued a cookie that says that person saw an ad for the advertiser. Furthermore we can track the online behaviour of people viewing but not clicking on a display ad, on the premise that they can be influenced to visit the advertiser’s site and complete a conversion (view conversion) as a result of exposure to the ad.

Ad Serving


  • Greater transparency on campaign delivery and performance – Measure served impressions and clicks across desktop, mobile and apps. You can track how a campaign is delivering against the planned/estimated impressions.
  • Accountability – See how many times an advertisement has been served, the number of clicks associated with the ad, conversions resulting from the ad instead of relying on publisher results.
  • Greater Control of Creative Display – You have control the uploading of digital ads, allowing you to change out variants or messaging at the ad server end. Also if you have different creative variants, the rotation can be controlled or optimised against the best performing.
  • Track View Through Conversions – We are able to monitor the behaviour of people who have viewed your display ad, but not necessarily clicked on it.
  • Creative Testing – Allows users to generate reports comparing the performance of various ads or the performance of certain aspects of ads (like headlines, etc.)
  • Performance Insights – Gain insights into the best performing placements on your schedule for future planning. Generates accurate, detailed reports that attribute conversion to a combination of different touch points (ads, and other factors) leading up to conversion.
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